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24 Hours in California | Road Trip

June 26, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


What would you do with 24 hours to kill in California?

I live about 10 miles off the lake back home in Toronto and on a clear day I only get a sliver of water to look at. I'm not complaining, it's better than nothing!

I made the most of the short time before flying out and took in an hour at the beach...then hit the road up the coast. The view never gets old no matter how many times I see it.

The traffic in and out of Los Angeles is still every bit as ridiculous as I remember. How people make that commute daily I'll never understand. I made some stops along the way in Big Sur, Carmel and San Louis Obispo.

By the time we arrived in San Francisco I was ready to head back to Canada for some normal weather. I spent the rest of the day under shade eating churros and pretzels. I even got asked a handful of times...by total strangers "aren't you chilly?"

It's the middle of June and people were walking around in sweaters and jackets as if it was Fall weather. I was barely managing in a t-shirt and shorts. At one point my sneakers were soaked from sweat and I had to buy a cheap pair of slippers to walk in while they dried. I never wear slippers...

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