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Video Gear under $50 | WORKFLOW

October 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Leigh Miller | www.leighmiller.ca

This is by far one of the best items I've been using in my video work and it doesn't even come close to the $50 mark. In fact the $28 Canadian I paid is tax and shipping included. Ladies and Gentlemen...the Purple Panda Lavalier Microphone.

Leigh Miller | www.leighmiller.ca The Purple Panda Lav Mic is by far one of the cheapest/least expensive mics I've used...and I can say that it doesn't suck. The sound quality straight out of the mic is better than ok. If you add a little sweetening to it in post-processing it's hard for the untrained ear to tell the difference. I use mine for recording talking head projects such as interviews, speeches and voice-overs.

Leigh Miller | www.leighmiller.ca

It's all very versatile...connect it to your DSLR/Mirrorless camera, GoPro, Field Recorder etc.

Leigh Miller | www.leighmiller.ca

It comes with an alligator clip and pop foam, a nearly 10ft extension cord, TRS adapter and dead cat windscreen. Big value for the price point.

So back to how it sounds...I thought to do a voice-over sample but there are tons already available on YouTube. The shortcut version is that it stacks up very well to my Sennheiser Wireless Kit. In fact I kept it in my gear bag as a backup in case the wireless set ever failed...which it did recently. I won't so far as to say that the Purple Panda matches it for sound quality but they are not far apart considering the price difference. Also it's more durable than any other Lav mic I've used. After a year of use it was still going strong until someone knicked the cable on a sharp edge. 

One thing to note...this is not a powered mic and keep the TRS adapter handy. Some devices require it as in the case of a field recorder. You will have to enable "Plug-In" power or whatever your equivalent is to get it working.


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