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That One Thing | Buying A Camera

August 09, 2018
Fujifilm X70 Compact Camera I'm on the tail-end of my Summer travels.... No matter where I've been the number one question I get asked is "I need a new camera, what sho...
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Zoom H5 as an Audio Interface | WORKFLOW

July 25, 2018
I've been using Zoom records for years to capture audio from MICs, instruments and generally for my sound design. I record all kinds of audio for later video work as soun...
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Nikon Mirrorless Rumours

July 24, 2018
Though not much of a rumour when the subject itself leaks it.... About 5 years too late to the mirrorless party, Nikon is signalling that they are entering the market...
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The Digital Nomad Lifestyle

July 12, 2018
My 6 Month Experiment When I was in the corporate world you could have thrown one of my gold plated pens through the office and hit 5 people who would quit at that very...
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It's Over

July 07, 2018
#TheEnd Let that sink in for a minute or two....I need to take a deep breath and a long sip of coffee. The first moment you allow something you have created to be used...
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