Men @WORK | Photo Essay

April 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I'm that guy...or kid.

My parents made me stay inside when it rained, snowed or even remotely looked like I might get dirt on my clothes. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining as I kind of find it comical now. My parents are my idols, out of the house at 6:30AM every single morning to get to work on time and provided for us kids in a way that most people would be jealous of even today. But...we had to stay clean and do our chores.

I used to look out the window at the guys who got dirty for a living, mostly construction professionals. Most kids wanted to drive fast cars but I was after the big rigs and tractors. To this very day my dream is rip through the streets of my city in a fire truck or police car. No matter how uppity I may get, I still admire the men and women who get paid to do the hard stuff.

For the next little while I'm publishing six (6) images from my series called "Men @WORK" each Wednesday.

Edited in Adobe Lightroom CC and occasionally in Adobe Photoshop cc for additional processing. I use two camera platforms...Fujifilm and Olympus for all of my work. Although I love the Fujifilm B&W Film simulations, I've tweaked the Acros simulation slightly to suit these images.


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