Postcard From Bonaire

June 09, 2016  •  4 Comments

Are you ready?

Bonaire is the best island I've ever travelled date. That may change as the bucket list get's whittled down but right here, right now I haven't experienced anything that beats it. It has the right combination of people, weather...and water. We islanders sum those up in a little term affectionately known as "vibes".

You will find islands that are better appointed...five star hotels, tours and shopping. I've certainly been to islands with better beaches and calmer waters. None of them brings together that elusive harmony I've found here and I'm speaking from experience. I spent the early years of my childhood on such an island and this place beats it with "vibes" to spare.

If you need a good reason to it for the sunsets. The absolute prettiest I've ever seen and I've fulfilled two large 30X20 print orders already.

Equipment used: Fujifilm X-T1, X-Pro2, X70 and XP90 camera bodies paired with XF100-400mm, XF10-24mm, XF60mm Macro, XF90mm lenses.


Solaiman Sumon(non-registered)
Beautiful photographs like these all image . I appreciate your captured guy . Thank you for this post .
clipping path service(non-registered)
nice Photography water color is very good ..special image
tanzir tanz(non-registered)
Great photos and videos. It is fun to watch these sea beaches and beautiful blue water. Thanks for posting. God bless u.
Silvan Wick(non-registered)
I have ben there a couple of times, mostly to shoot Freestyle Windsurfing on Lac Bay.

One one of the trips my girlfriend joined me and went on diving excursions.

It's a wonderful laid back place like all of the ABC's, but maybe a little bit more so...
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