Neewer LED 64 Video Light

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NEEWER LED 64 W/Fujifilm X70NEEWER LED 64 W/Fujifilm X70Leigh Miller |

Neewer LED 64 W/Fujifilm X70 Compact Camera

A few weeks back I posted a review article about the Neewer Speedlights that I recently bought to replace some Yongnuo flashes. I also ordered a few of these little guys shortly afterwards, the Neewer LED 64 video lights. I tend to use larger LED panels for video work but occasionally smaller models like these come in handy for product, food and macro shots. Basically anything that doesn't move, at least not quickly. They usually don't have the intensity required to freeze action.

That said, I am really impressed with these.

On day one I installed some cheap President's Choice AA batteries in them and left it on full power for 4 hours. The light intensity stayed constant and the color temperature didn't drift too much at all. In fact, those same batteries are still in unit #2 after nearly three weeks of sporadic use.

Fujinon XF60mm F/2.4 MacroFujinon XF60mm F/2.4 MacroLeigh Miller | At a distance of appx. 1ft or so, you can achieve 1/125 second shutter speeds at base ISO of 200 (Fujifilm). For this shot the camera was locked down on a tripod and the Neewer LED lights aimed on opposite sides (MAIN & FILL) through a pair of LEXAN panels. Critically sharp at 100%.

Neewer NW561 Speedlight SampleNeewer NW561 Speedlight SampleLeigh Miller | Ditto for this shot of a Fujinon XF18-55mm lens.

:-)~:-)~Leigh Miller | I used a single Neewer LED 64 light at 1/2 power for this moody shot of my Fujifilm X70 camera, I was able to get 1/60 seconds on the shutter (handheld) at ISO 640. 

Hand Made...Hand Made...Leigh Miller | The cigar shot was just spur of the moment but I had one light (backlit) at 1/4 power and the second light in front as a weak fill. I didn't want to kill the ambient light. ISO 1250 at 1/40 seconds handheld...with Image Stabilisation turned on.

As with their Speedlight products these LED 64's are well made with no squeaks and rattles. The battery compartment is a tight fit and doesn't come loose during use or transport. More than I can say for the last brand I used.

These are meant to be "stackable" and there are slots on the top and sides. If you find yourself needing more power you can actually put together a much larger modular panel if you are willing to individually adjust the power for each one.

For the tech heads...

  • Color Temp: 5500-6500K
  • Brightness: >1000 LUX (0.5m)
  • Control: Stepless
  • Operating Temps: -10-40 degrees C..though I didn't test this. They stay cool enough which is good for shooting food.

I didn't really expect much for $30 and there are a few niggles. If you use these "ON-CAMERA" you won't be able to attach an external MIC securely. The slots on the top are meant to mate with other LED 64's. I did manage to get my Fujifilm ST-1 MIC in there but the cable that goes to the camera port was too short. So have a plan if you are interested in these lights. The other thing is really minor feet/stand for desktop use. There is a mounting spot for light-stands though and for the money I can't really complain.



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