What's New in Photography | CES 2016

January 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I haven't attended CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in awhile. Actually I find it easier to partner up with friends who are attending and get the scoop from them on what's hot for the upcoming year in tech. Gotta say...aside from Nikon and Olympus there was really nothing new.

Olympus ED 300mm F4 Pro - Micro Four Thirds

I've been waiting for this lens over two years and it's finally arrived with a big, big splash. My friends tell me it's actually sharper than the 40-150mm F2.8 Pro lens which lives on my E-M1 90% of the time. The key feature is the Image Stabilization (Sync) which works with the in-body 5 Axis system in the E-M1 to give the user 6-Stops of movement compensation. BIG because no other manufacturer even comes close to matching this. Effectively we now have a 600mm F4 equivalent lens that doesn't need a monopod for normal daytime shooting. Someone claimed to have shot this at 1/30 seconds handheld with a high keeper rate of sharp images.

Panasonic came out with a long lens (zoom) of their own which is getting great reviews. A 100-400mm variable aperture lens which should satisfy those who shoot Panasonic. I love the size and weight of it but the variable aperture turns me off completely, especially when shooting wildlife where every stop of light gathering ability at the long end is needed.

Nikon D5/D500 - DSLR

These guys dropped the equivalent of an H-Bomb on the DSLR world. Starting with the D500...if I was still shooting DSLR's this camera would be high on my list. I would actually buy this over the D5 simply because it has all of the former's tech in a smaller body...then of course, there is the lower price. Photographers who have been out in the cold since the D300s finally have an update on the APS-C end.

D5...less impressed. At $6500 I think  Nikon could have done much, much better. Frankly, I'm a little confused about the D5 and I can't understand what drives the development of this warmed over tech.

  • 4K Video feature with a 3 minute limitation. It can connect to an external recorder thru HDMI which will set you back another $1500+ - FAIL
  • Wireless...nope. You can buy a wireless module for about $700 which attached to the side and looks like a big wart - FAIL
  • The camera has an ethernet port which got a speed increase. A super highway built for an old station wagon - FAIL
  • There is an optional remote...for $700 appx. so you can control multiple D5's (if you can afford that) - FAIL

Just incredible...this camera is definitely not for mom/pop photographers. The user alley on this is very narrow, pro sports photographers and maybe nature folks. In that case though I would still prefer the D500 or a D810. Let's be clear, the D500 has just about everything built in that the D5 should for the money and I would get that. The D5 by comparison is a camera that I've never heard anyone ask for. At least they are keeping the megapixels at a reasonable level....3 million ISO and touch screen though :-) 


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