Speed Retouching

December 26, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Gear Used: Cactus RF60 Flash and V6 TX/RX remote and Post Processed in Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop

A "Hey Leigh"...question: how do I retouch my portrait images so fast?

For the record there are many photo retouching tutorials out there created by folks I consider to be superstars in the business. This is more of a quick and dirty workflow for when you need to push an images(s) out like, yesterday.

Basic Retouching Sample The workflow is typically applied to my "press" photo assignments where I maybe have 10-15 minutes to get it done from start to finish. The video is actually sped up about 500% and a few extra steps added in that I wouldn't ordinarily include. The time will vary according to the image. I've gotten pictures so jacked up that they are barely salvageable with an hour or more of work.

The Breakdown

  • 60% : Healing Brush for skin blemishes, hair and clothing..once in while the background
  • 30% Dodge & Burn to smooth out skin tones
  • 10% Color/Contrast/Exposure Enhancement

All of the above can be done in Adobe Photoshop or equivalent software but if you can spring for the Lightroom CC application as well things will go a lot quicker, especially if your experience level with retouching is low to intermediate.

The only other thing I can stress is to keep a copy of the original source file...just in case.


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