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I do social media styled portraits for my friends every year. 2013 was the first time in close to 5 years that I haven't done the images with a DSLR or Medium Format camera.

These two samples were made with a Fuji X-Pro1 at ISO 1600 and Canon EOS 5D Mark II at ISO 1250 respectively. Can you tell which is which without looking at the EXIF info at normal web viewing distance?

RMRM Keep in mind the price difference!


UPDATE: Top Image is Fuji. Actually that image is in another BLOG post but very few caught it. The Fuji image is SOOC and converted to B&W from the RAF file.

The combination with the XF 35mm 1.4 R is actually too sharp unless you want every facial feature recorded in detail. 

So the point is this...The Fuji combo costs a fraction of what the Canon did (brand new). I've had  the original 5D, 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III and the only significant changes are the video features, resolution and minor tweaks to the auto-focus. Actual image quality has been consistent on all the models...same dynamic range, same color depth, same sharpness. Fuji comes along and owns them in all areas except auto focus.


Seeing the reaction below, the discussion is useless, as many people writing all kinds comment on fora don't even have a FF camera... but still feel themselves well-placed to call the Fuji system the most stellar solution ever. Leigh: I don't own a Canon, but both the Nikon D800 and one of the first X-Pro1's - no way the Fuji X-Trans can achieve what the D800 does with top notch glass. Not in resolution, colors, dynamics, 3D-feel, shallow depth management, RAW-conversions, but most of all, certainly not in reliability and predictability. Yes, the X-trans is excellent for an APS/C sensor and even its price, but there is still a lot better available in the FF-DSLR corner and anyone performing real one-to-one comparisons with an honest mind will see the difference. Not to mention the very disappointing quirkiness of the X-Pro1 in the studio, with flash systems - the piece of firmware related to it is complete crap and completely in disorder at given moments. Why would you go Fuji X when you can - including lenses - spend 20-50% more and have better specs + the ultimate reliability, under all circumstances? Having a bright future with the investment you made? There is only one answer to me possible... because you want to travel light and FF DSLR's are pain in your back and neck. Fuji is X is very destinated to be a good travel & street solution. The last one only if you don't mind to miss quite a few times due to shutter lag & the silly AF behavior. Still, I've got too much the feeling that Fuji has been testing and improving their cameras on my money and nerves and I can still not forgive them that all market-standard RAW-converters are just more or less OK after way to many time. We Fuji, we're getting in a kind of Leica situation now, lots of people believing nothing's better and the rest on the market is suddenly poor, old fashioned stuff now

The Fuji has as much in common with the Nikon as pizza does to tacos. They don't share any similar sensor, the Nikon May have a Sony sensor, but the Fuji has it's own X-Trans sensor, it's made by Fuji themselves, not Sony.

Sensor performance is important, but it doesn't make or break a system. If sensor performance was all that mattered, we'd all get Nikon Or Sony A7's and Canons and other brands would be doomed.
Owning Nikon D800, X-Pro1 & X100. Yes, the X-Pro1 is a very versatile, magnificent camera & the lenses are excellent performers. But it is not behaving like a true FF camera. The D800 with the same FL/fast Nikon lenses is delivering an astonishing sharpness, dynamic range and a creamy, shallow depth in the pictures that is just impossible with the X-Pro1. I admit, the Sony APS/C in the X-Pro1 has likely some genetic ties with the D800 sensor and it is coming very close to some older FF's - but it just isn't a D800 sensor, which is far more superior. A lot of people want to believe things that are just impossible.
I am blessed to have a Fuji X-Pro1 and the quality of RAF it offers is far superior to my Nikon D3!! The sharpness,colors,contrast and tonal gradation is simply there to be appreciated! No doubt about it,its my best purchase yet!
fuji on top
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