The Digital Nomad Lifestyle

July 12, 2018
My 6 Month Experiment When I was in the corporate world you could have thrown one of my gold plated pens through the office and hit 5 people who would quit at that very...
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It's Over

July 07, 2018
#TheEnd Let that sink in for a minute or two....I need to take a deep breath and a long sip of coffee. The first moment you allow something you have created to be used...
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Moving Day!

July 04, 2018
Not really but it's been awhile since I've done an assignment away from home for an extended period. I'm gonna miss this view! The gear is packed and waiting to be shipp...
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24 Hours in California | Road Trip

June 26, 2018
What would you do with 24 hours to kill in California? I live about 10 miles off the lake back home in Toronto and on a clear day I only get a sliver of water to look at...
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Joshua Tree National Park | Road Trip

June 23, 2018
Sucker For Punishment... I made the first trip to Joshua Tree National Park in 2009. I forget who's idea it was exactly but one of my photo friends came up with the idea...
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